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Resistance Thinkspace Zine

A collaborative zine made by The CommUNIty Resistance Thinkspace,  a group who get together at Bradford University to share ideas & reflections about change, activism and power


Resistance No. 1

An anti-fascist political web zine. See online edition at http://metatexte.net/ezine


Resistance No.2

An anti-fascist political web zine. See online edition at http://metatexte.net/ezine


Resistance No.3

An anti-fascist political web zine. See also http://metatexte.net/ezine


The Shrieking Violet Issue 21

Featuring the end of memory, nature and Ian Hamilton Finlay, Maurice 'two guns' Cohen, Manchester street photographs, DIY hero worship, photos of Southern India, illustration, fashion and androgyny, collage, poetry, Deconstructing Harry, Spanish stuffed cabbage leaves.


The Shrieking Violet Issue 20

Richard Howe continues his series on mental health in the movies by looking at Betty Blue, which he fell in love with at the tender age of nine.    Jack Welsh has contributed an article about old and new public artworks by Eduardo Paolozzi and Daniel Buren in Tottenham Court Road tube station, London, which has been undergoing extensive renovation.   Joe Austin&nb...


Using Space Seven

using space is a zine about squats, social centres and alternative ways of living. this is issue seven, produced august 2o12 (previous issues are also kindly hosted here) contents: * a callout for a mass squatting action in brighton * short update on criminalisation in england and wales * when glitter thugs attack * interview with a seattle squatter * keeping occupied - on the ocea...


The Shrieking Violet Issue 19

Third birthday edition. Manchester-based filmmaker Richard Howe continues his series on mental health in the movies by looking at Jesus' Son, directed by Alison Maclean. Natalie Bradbury visits the National Football Museum to find out what it has to offer a non-sports fan. Anouska Smith offers a guide to some of the best places to drink tea in Manchester. Simon Sheppard profiles Pierre Baum...


Bradford Mayday 2012

This is a promo leaflet for the organising of Bradford Mayday 2012 Click on image to view zine, zoom in etc. Look below for options to download Historians might want to look here or here


Star-blue1 Mythbusters #6 Bradford Anti Cuts Coalition

The Bradford People’s Coalition (BPCAC) is a community organisation derived by the people for the people in response to the cuts across the Bradford district. Ahead of the BPCAC Conference (April 21st 2012, Student Central, Bradford University, 11am - 3pm) this latest edition of Mythbusters takes a look at the financials of the local council cuts and reflects upon the responses from all ...


Riot Angel #4

Short fiction, poetry, interview & reviews.


Riot Angel #3

Short fiction, poetry, interview & reviews.


Riot Angel #2

Literature zine featuring short stories, poetry, artwork, reviews, and an interview.  


Riot Angel #1

A literature zine featuring short stories, poetry, artwork and an inteview with writer Helen Kitson.


Grassroots Bike Zine

Radical DIY bike collectives from over the UK have been comming together since March 2011. This zine is a compilation of work from people who came to the first gathering in Manchester.  The work in compiling it was done by lish. The last gathering was in Bristol (see this article for more).  The gatherings are organised on the ukbikes list.


Kerb Crawled

We ran some workshops at Bradford Zine Fayre 2010 and Brighton Zine Fest 2011. From those workshops came the content for this zine about people's experiences of and thoughts about being kerb crawled and harrassed in the street.If you have experienced harrassment in the street you can share your story with West Yorkshire Hollaback. You don't have to give your name, and writing it down and sharin...


News Of The World New Online Edition!

So the governments "witch hunt" against the nations favourite newspaper has meant that we can no longer read this fine quality weekly news resource in real life, but fear not! Through the power of independent media, outside of the grasp of 'standards' or the law, we can now keep up to date with all the latest celebrity gossip, soft porn and murder victim harrassing ONLINE! Here for your readin...


Using Space 5

As part of an ongoing radical history project and in response to the ridiculous proposals to criminalise squatting (go tories go!), using space five is devoted to a brief and incomplete history of squatting in brighton, uk. This is a special version with reduced size fotos, so as to lessen the file size (still more than 8mg). First published 2011.    


Using Space Four

Using Space is a zine dedicated to squats, social centres and alternative ways of living. Issue four contained the following pieces: - a visit to a squatted land project in central Amsterdam - the UK national squat meet in Bristol, - a rumination on social centres - a large squatting action in Sweden - a fotoreport from the Dutch national squatting day - recycled newspaper reports Fir...


Using Space Three

  Using Space is about squats, social centres and alternative ways of living. Issue three featured various short pieces taken from a range of sources. These included: thoughts about the future of squatting; a report on the progress of the now defunct maelstrom centre in Leeds; a personal history of the ELF squat in Amsterdam. First published 2008.


Using Space Two

this issue of using space (a zine about squats, social centres and alternative ways of living) focuses on a squatted street in rotterdam, the netherlands.two long articles and some fotos from the now-evicted project are included. NOTE the second article is in dutch, the first in english 24 pages including cover (a foto of our door with lots of luvverly stickers!)


Using Space One

using space one - a zine about social centres, squats and alternative modes of livingyou get a long rant about various social centres i have visited or lived at around europe, as well as a profile of the poortgebouw in rotterdam. there are occasional pictures and the zine is A5, black and white, with 24 pages and a cover. first published 2006.


Northeast Anarchist Group

The back page of our "What is Anarchy" flyer.


Northeast Anarchist Group

The front page of our "What is Anarchy" flyer.


The Grey Matter #5

The fifth edition of The Grey Matter - Newcastle's radical independent political zine. This pdf is how it should be printed to make a booklet, feel free to print, copy and distribute! For a version that makes more sense to the online reader, go to http://thegreymatter.wordpress.com/2011/04/23/the-grey-matter-april-2011/ .


When An East Wind Scourges Occidentalist Arrogance

Thoughts by Alain Badiou on the political significance of recent events in Tunisia and Egypt. Approaching the subject in the light of Buruma and Margalit's Occidentalism throws up some novel ideas concerning colonial legacies, particularly relevant in Francophone Africa.


Star-blue1 From Dictatorship To Democracy

This book contains the theroetical basis and tactical practicalities which have been applied recently in the Egyptian revolution, and elsewhere. Originally intended for use is Burma, it has been widely translated (most significantly into Arabic) and distributed by grass-roots anti-oppression campaigners. Most of the content is equally applicable to current social struggles in the North of England.


Star-blue1 Abc's Of Anarchy

It's Alphabetic Anarchy! The only ABC's of Anarchy book (so far?) designed and suitable for children of all ages. Infants will love the imagery, Toddlers will thrive on learning the alphabet, and preschoolers will soak up the content while learning to read. Every page includes insightful questions relevant for children or adults. Whether you merely want to go through the alphabet with you...


Star-blue1 Anarchy Issue 54 (1965)

From the bowels of the secret dungeon of the 1in12 Library, this rare edition of Anarchy from 1965 was recently requested and so is shared with you all through the wonders of the Northern Indymedia Zinewire. More hidden gems can be found by visiting the library itself, or looking through what is in the collection online at the Library Thing website. This issue discusses the philosopher Martin...


Dark Nights 9

This issue covers the calls for solidarity coming from Greek prisoners on hungerstrike, members of armed groups Revolutionary Struggle and Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, imprisoned for their actions, and those in clandestinity, who call for increased escalation of the social war. Dark Nights #9 – Solidarity with Greek prisoners in Struggle http://325.nostate.net/library/dark-nights-9.pdf Co...

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