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This film from 6am on 27/1/2012 documents an unofficial Unite construction workers picket at the entrance to Hadrian Yard in Wallsend where OGN are building an oil extraction platform for American firm Apache. It is a £150M, 700 worker job.

Dispute History:
In the construction industry, electricians have been organising against a 35% pay cut.
* On August the 13th, at the Conway Hall, London, 500 sparks elected a national committee.
* Rank and File committees were elected in London, Newcastle, Wales, Scotland, Liverpool and Manchester
* Organising protests every Wednesday.
* A ballot delivered a massive ‘YES vote' for strike action, but it was defeated using anti-union legislation by employers orgnaisation BBES.
* Unite are re-balloting.
* In London 50 protesters occupied the offices of network rail for an hour while in Scotland sparks occupied the BBC against a media blackout.
*The Australian Electrical Trade Union donated a large sum to the Rank & File fighting fund and also invited 2 members to go to Australia in New Year to speak at site meetings.
* On the 5th December ACAS, an organisation devoted to preventing and resolving employment disputes, organised negotiations. The Rank and File Committee commented:

"At the ACAS meeting on 15th December the employers' team included 2 individuals representing HVCA that we believe is completely unacceptable [and a deliberate pi** take].
One was Brian Boyd now employed by HVCA and pushing through BESNA. He is a former Unite/Amicus senior full time officer with responsibilities in the construction sector and for British Airways, his pockets are full of our money and he has a knowledge of thousand of Unite members. We should definitely not be sitting down with him.
The other is Stephen Quant, he used to work for Skanska, who were the biggest subscriber to Ian Kerr's Blacklisting organisation. He may have been Ian Kerr's right hand man at some point.
Never mind talking about BESNA, why are Unite sitting in the same building as Boyd and Quant, its a disgrace. We demand that Unite has no further talks with HVCA if these 2 wretches are present."


NG Bailey has withdrawn from BESNA!

domino effect

All the companies have withdrawn from BESNA!

victory to the sparks!