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Transmit 28 Oct 14:25

Just Woke Up From A Dream Messiah and Russell Brand Just woke up from dream. Being held hostage by a demon. I had to hunt it down. And I impressed a beautiful angel in my bed with a solid kata (seemed Bujinkanish). Upon waking I thought of Russell Brand and how he still had a step to go towards self-realization but how I still wouldn't mind if the more naïve started acting as if he was the messiah. Then I thought about a friend that said 'profit is not a dirty word' and how he didn't really know what he was talking about but that he was more concerned with having an engaging speech (maybe tinted with ambition but more he was just being polite and wanted to end on a 'marked' note by using a recognizable meme... sort of like some martial schools that 'open' and 'close' the 'gate' when they train.... opening moments of presence towards a particular topic or discipline). These words will sink-in because they are true- every cent spent enables the retardation of our slave state and makes us horrible, with no 'green' effort ever able to compensate. Every good thing that needs doing is mortally repressed so the people's primary job now is coming to terms with mortality. And the only way that happens is through loving truth so people may know the insanity of pride and ever-see the lie in all its forms... then their brains take care of the rest, attaching sanity to truth. Everything always is progressing perfectly. Every thought and action a consequence of a beginningless history. The insistence of the existence of choice is sort of like atheism in that its not a wisdom, but a defense mechanism. Knowing the truth means everything changes and the biggest preconceptions of how life was to be, crushed. Its understandable. At the same time we're not taking care of the assholes doing horrible shit right in front of us because we haven't quite figured-out courage. Love truth, its the same for everyone. There is no evil and death is better than hate. Patience be with us.


Transmit 26 Jun 01:14

Hello, I did some graffiti and was almost arrested for it, I wrote there is no authority but yourself.


Transmit 23 May 12:29

U.K. anarchist publication "Return Fire" released Our new zine Return Fire is now available. It's a diverse mix with liberatory aims, which we hope to be informative and inspiring for anyone who decides to make their life a weapon against the dominant order. We present fresh content such as the new anti-psychiatry piece Fucked Off Not Fucked Up by V.Q., updates on modern surveillance and alienation (New Technologies, New Control), an article situating the ongoing Sealife Deformities from the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill within the industrial catastrophe everywhere, and 'The State Always Has a Conspiracy... Have You?' from some U.K. irreducibles on refusal, illegality and attack, and more. The zine includes the full-length pieces Fukushima's Fallout On My Soul, Alex Gorrion examining the anti-social tension in We Want to Be Great Like Our Crime through reviewing Isabelle Eberhardt and Renzo Novatore, an English version of the claim by an 'International Revolutionary Front' cell taking responsibility for the Vehicle Bomb at the Headquarters of Microsoft, Athens, during June 2012, the classic critiqué Nature as Spectacle, and Auschwitz-Disneyland translated from the French-language journal La Mauvaise Herbe. We've also reproduced excerpts from others texts we consider valuable. These include parts of the founding statement by 'Cultural Terrorists' of the ASIF subversive women's group (on surrealism and the rejection of forced femininity) along with other historical pieces of interest, considerations on informal anarchism and 'The Organised Minority Structure' by the then-captives of the 'Vyrona 4' case, thoughts on the anguish of romantic co-dependency in 'Can't Live Without You', anti-prison polemic 'An Hourglass That Kills Slowly' by Random Anarchists in London, observations on the reduced capacity for autonomy under mechanised life ('The Loss of Competence', by Crystalised Ginger), alongside selected other words that recently came out of the U.K... ...As well as many more articles, imprisoned but undefeated voices from Rebels Behind Bars, snatches of Poems for Love, Loss & War (from V.Q., Claudia López, Severino di Giovanni and more), information on Wild Plants for edible and medicinal purposes, and scattered news and communiqués from the Global Flash Points of radical action from the winter of 2012-2013. We hope that the intent throughout is as clear as we intended: that is, against civilisation and domination, for anarchy and wildness. Attached to this announcement on the UK Indymedia website ( is a PDF file of the editorial piece which you can download. Visit or contact the following spaces in the Britain and Ireland to get copies of the zine: The Cowley Club (Brighton) Kebele (Bristol) Pitchfork Anarchist Library (Bristol) Hydra Books (Bristol) The Red & Black Umbrella (Cardiff) Solidarity Books (Cork) Seomra Spraoi (Dublin) Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (Edinburgh) News From Nowhere (Liverpool) 56a Infoshop (London) 'The Canny Little Library' at the Star & Shadow Cinema (Newcastle) The Sumac Centre (Nottingham) Oxford Action Resource Centre (Oxford) … & look out for international distribution in the future.

Transmit 18 Oct 13:51

2-minute recording of Uzbeck busker with accordion outside an otherwise boring supermarket in LS8 With the performer's permission #culture #migration More like this please.

Transmit 08 Oct 00:07

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Transmit 07 Jun 06:04

Transmit 14 Nov 23:34

Licensing Act 2003   Notice is hereby given that   I, RIZWAN ALI, have made an application under section 17 of part 3 of the Licensing Act 2003 for the grant of a premises licence for the premises known as:   Mobile Catering Trailer for Hot Food Used on Forecourt of Best Kept Secret 27-29 Headingley Lane, Leeds, LS6 1BL   I intend to conduct on or from the premises the following licensable activities:   • The provision of late night refreshment   I propose to conduct the said licensable activities subject to the following terms:   The provision of late night refreshment Monday to Thursday & Sunday 18:00 – 04:00 Friday & Saturday 18:00 – 05:00   Interested parties or responsible authorities (within the meaning of the Act) may make written representations to Leeds City Council about this application until 29th November 2011 which should be sent to the following address:   Entertainment Licensing Section Leeds City Council Civic Hall Leeds, LS1 1UR   For full details and to view a copy of the application please contact the Entertainment Licensing Section on telephone number 0113 247 4095 or email   It is an offence to knowingly or recklessly make a false statement in connection with an application and the maximum fine for which a person is liable on conviction for this offence is a fine not exceeding £5000

Transmit 15 Oct 14:28

Banner outside Leeds art gallery. Public assembly in progress. #rdnleeds #oct15

Transmit 04 Sep 15:34

Quote of the day at York Peace festival :)


Transmit 04 Sep 14:47

Northern Indymedia at York Peace Festival. Pedalling for power generation in the rain.


Transmit 04 Feb 15:08

everyone RT #operation_firstcontact no new detention centres! Spread the word! #arora


Transmit 11 Dec 12:54

Bradford topshop demo


Transmit 28 Aug 19:28

EDL escaping pen

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Transmit 28 Aug 17:16

Clash of the heirarchies


Transmit 28 Aug 16:57

Press and others in the Midland Hotel


Transmit 28 Aug 16:56

EDL being put on busses.


Transmit 28 Aug 16:54

EDL held near Forster Sq.


Transmit 28 Aug 16:51

Bottom of Kirkgate near Barclays, Anti-EDL pushed back


Transmit 28 Aug 16:48

Peace tree.


Transmit 28 Aug 16:27

Police line in front of Midland Hotel


Transmit 28 Aug 15:03

Short vid of EDL pen

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Transmit 28 Aug 13:30

EDL penned at urban park.


Transmit 28 Aug 12:58

Police sealing off Albion St


Transmit 28 Aug 12:50

Police setting up mobile metal detectors.


Transmit 28 Aug 12:26

Police setting up mobile metal detectors


Transmit 29 May 19:19

rock'n'rolling on the solar stage at the big green weekend


Transmit 29 May 15:45

Giant hippo invades media centre


Transmit 29 May 15:23

Bike powered stage


Transmit 29 May 15:17

Education zone


Transmit 29 May 15:13

Interviews at the secret garden

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