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Support Our Sabs! - Land Rover Appeal

With all the bad news for wildlife that comes with the recent election, we want to do something good. We're trying to raise around £5000 to buy a new Land Rover for our group.
For the last 3 years we've been piling our Sabs over to Sheffield every week.
Buying a Land Rover would double the number of Sabs we can get out in Yorkshire,
and make travelling a lot easier.

We need YOUR help to make this happen; we need people to help us with fund-raising, and we also need people to make some donations. (Credit and Debit cards now accepted via our Paypal).

When Cameron repeals the hunting ban, we're going to need to step up the fight against hunting, an extra 12 Sabs and the manoeuvrability of an extra vehicle will give us a much needed edge to carry on the work we do.

We NEED your help though, so far we have raised £2,000. We're going to need around another £3,000 to get a decent vehicle and tax and insure it. (Not to mention fuel...)

PLEASE help us get out in the field.
We need,
1)Money and lots of it!
2)People to help us fund-raise
3)People willing to do some fund-raising independently and send us the money (whip round at work, do a sponsored walk, sell some cakes to your friends, whatever!)
4)Businesses willing to let us have a donation bucket in their shops
5)If all goes to plan - people to fill the spaces in our lovely new Landy!
6)We also need some more sabbing equipment, please see the * section at the bottom of the post for more details.

West Yorkshire Hunt Sabs use non-violent Direct Action to stop hunters killing animals.
We use tactics that do not hurt any animals (including hunt dogs and horses), and are non-violent and non-confrontational, however we will defend ourselves if we are attacked.
We go out every Saturday, and hopefully with our new vehicle we'll be able to do even more midweeks than last season! (hunters beware)

You can find more information about us, look at our reports from the last season, and you can Donate on our website →  http://westyorkshirehuntsabs.wordpress.com/

If your interested in getting involved either as a supporter, fund-raiser, driver or as a Hunt Sab please contact us at  westyorkshuntsabs@yahoo.co.uk (If you want to sab but don't live near us contact the Hunt Saboteurs Association:  info@huntsabs.org.uk to find your local group).

*We also need some other items we would prefer not to buy, please get in contact if you can donate us any old; OS maps,
essential oils (especially Citronella and Eucalyptus but we can try others) ,
2 way Radios/Mobile phones,
old climbing rope (for making a whip cracking noise),
fancy GPS equipment (it's worth a try).

If you believe that wealthy landowners riding round on horses, hunting innocent animals for fun and tradition is wrong,
PROVE IT, get involved and help us SAVE LIVES.

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