: Colin Ward 1924 - 2010

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I remember cataloguing over 100 editions of Anarchy magazine (scanning the covers, detailing the many authors of the various articles) over a few days in early 2009, following their donation to the 1in12 Library after the death of their owner, Harry Sculthorpe.

The editor of Anarchy from 1961-1970 was Colin Ward, who died on February 11th.

As I worked my way through the huge pile of magazines I remember thinking about the effort and dedication of all involved to keep such an enterprise going in those pre-computer days, when printing and publishing was expensive and laborious.

And as I typed all those names into the catalogue I kept having moments of faint recognition and wondering when I'd have time to read all the articles and track down the other writings by those various authors.

We have some of Colin Ward's books in the Library [1], but, I've now learned from this useful obituary from the Next Left website [2], there's more to track down. (Though that's not an endorsement of anything else you might find on Next Left. Or indeed otherwise)

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