Really Open University: John Holloway talk in Leeds

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Ahead of the John Holloway talk & booklaunch event tomorrow (Weds 18th May 2011) we at the Northern editorial dungeon have been poring over our copious notes of the Crack Capitalism lecture last week, in the hope of doing some kind of reporting justice to this noteworthy event.

Imagine our delight, then, in finding that someone much more capable has already written the event up, so now we don't have to. Hoorah for distributed effort and squeaky wheels finding the grease!

"To summarise John’s answers to all the questions, he consistently stated that there are no guarantees, that the possibility of change is uncertain, even that it may be too late. But the hope and potential for change rests in autonomous struggle, not the acquisition of the power and institutions of state. It is the practice, proliferation, propagation and confluence of other ways of doing that resist and subvert the social determination of capitalist relations that we should engage in, promote and nurture. "

 Full text here

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