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IMC Northern England


Here is the group of the editorial collective of  IMC Northern England. Anyone who comes along to one of our regular meetings can join this grop and get involved. We will be using this to send out messages and events such as our meeting dates and stories we have worked on together.

Be the Media!

1 in 12 Club


The 1 in 12 is a social centre owned and run by its members.

Started in 1981 it is Bradford's very own radical space for gigs, cafes, film showings, fun times in the amazing library, band practice and cheap yet righteous drinks at the bar!

Bradford People's Coalition Against the Cuts


The Bradford Peoples Coalition is a community organisation derived by the people for the people in response to the cuts across the Bradford district.

Claptrap Zine


Claptrap is a zine about Bradford and all it's wonderfulness and all things we think are worth fighting for in this fine city!

We publish a print copy on a bi-monthly basis and rotate the editing and printing roles each issue.

We also like to host fun Zine related events such as Bradford Zine Fayre!

Read issues of claptrap in the zine section of this site. Plus others that our friends have made a…

Spen Valley Against the Cuts


Spen Valley Against the Cuts is a community based network of people trying to fight the proposed ConDem cuts in the public sector. 

We believe that there are alternatives to the public spending cuts that are only going to cause more destruction to our society.

If you want to get involved in the group, it is open to anyone who agrees with our aims.

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IWW Sheffield


The Industrial Workers of the World is a grassroots and democratic union helping to organise all workers in all workplaces. The IWW differs from traditional trade unions. We believe that workers have greater voice if we are organised within our own industries. For example, teachers, cleaners and secretaries who work in a school should be classed as education workers and all be in the same union. F…

Real Democracy Now Leeds


Peoples movement for real democracy in Leeds and the surrounding area.



As you may or may not be aware, yesterday, York based student Francis Fernie was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for fighting a cause that he believed in.

Frank was involved in the student protests that took place earlier this year and when the police turned aggressive to protesters Frank decided to fight back.

Frank's offences were minor. The most of severe of which was, 'throwing 2 sticks at p…

Northeast Anarchist Group


We are anti-capitalist. Capitalism is for the benefit of the few; the global corporations & the banks. Capitalism makes them very rich & powerful & it exploits & represses the rest of us. It causes untold misery to billions of people. Every so often capitalism starts to self-destruct & when this happens things get even worse for us & we lose our jobs, our benefits & the services we rely on are cu…

Liverpool Indymedia


Group for Liverpool & Merseyside users of Northern Indymedia.

Join this group so that articles written by Liverpool & Merseyside users will all appear collected on this page as well as in the main newswire.

Click here to join the Liverpool Indymedia email list. There's no longer an active Liverpool Indymedia collective, but join the list if you are in Liverpool & Merseyside and use Indymedia, an…