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Calais Migrant Solidarity Training Weekend

Date Event date: February 23, 2013 10:15

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Training weekend for Calais Migrant Solidarity (CMS). SUMAC centre, Nottingham 23rd and 24th February, 10-5pm

Places: nottingham

Training weekend for Calais Migrant Solidarity (CMS). SUMAC centre, Nottingham 23rd and 24th February, 10-5pm Are you thinking of going to Calais this year? Calais Migrant Solidarity is network of people acting in practical solidarity with migrants and refugees in resistance to border regimes. If you're interested in supporting people in Calais, here is some of the things we do: * Document police and state abuse : See 'This Border Kills' > calaismigrantsolidarity.wordpress.com/this-border-kills-our-dossier-of-violence-2 * Intervene in evictions, raids and arrests * Detainee and prisoner support * Regular demonstrations and actions * Workshops, cinemas, language exchanges, info on asylum sessions, music making, bike maintenance, building stuff etc * Squatting and building shelters * First aid * Distribute materials : tents, blankets, clothes, food, water and firewood to the squats and 'jungles' * Cooking with autonomous kitchen collectives (particularly in July and August) You can get involved in one project or several, stay for a several days or several weeks. We welcome new ideas, energy and any skills. Going to Calais can be a daunting process and we want to ensure people have all the information they need to prepare themselves for time there. This training weekend will be an opportunity to explore some of the aspects of CMS work, look at how people can get involved in ongoing practical solidarity and discuss new ideas for the future of CMS. It is also important that whilst in Calais the information we share is up-to-date. So we'll be running some info-sessions on UK asylum process as well as info on detention. This will be a chance to learn about different aspects of how border regimes are enforced, and look at ways we can share our knowledge and skills over different tools for resistance. It will also be a chance to link up with others involved in the CMS/No Borders network and hear about different groups’ projects. A space to share ideas, speak to people who have spent time there and a great opportunity for sharing skills. We want to emphasise that the weekend is open for all, including people who have or have not been to Calais before. If you would like to book a space please contact: calaistraining@riseup.net . Also indicate if you would like accommodation for the weekend. A full schedule will follow soon and can be emailed to you. For regular updates on the situation in Calais see our blog : calaismigrantsolidarity.wordpress.com

Email Contact email: calaistraining@riseup.net