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Anarchist Prisoner Art Launch Lunch

Date Event date: January 24, 2013 12:00

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Tagged as: anti-militarism culture repression social_struggles

The 1 in 12 Club,

Albion Street


Places: 1in12 bradford

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Anarchist Prisoner Art Launch Lunch

Sat 12/01/13 - thurs 31/01/13 12-4pm

1in12 cafe blah

"In attempting to see into the darkest corners of the states activities,
we are privileged to have the spotlight provided by prison artists...
Struggling to obtain their bare tools for creativity they tower above their
captivity to reveal their unique perspective - I hope that their art
invites you to think - and be moved to ACT."

The 1 in 12 Club is proud to host the Anarchist Black Cross UK Art Tour,
featuring works by seven current and past people detained for their beliefs
and actions. Over 30 pieces and poetry will be on show, and profiles of the
artists highlighting their ongoing struggles.

On Saturday the 12th we will be having a Gallery Launch Lunch raising
funds for the solidarity work of the prisoner solidarity group ABC. More
details of the tour are available here:

The gallery will be open for view every Saturday in January or on request.
Email oneintwelve@riseup.net
Group viewings welcome