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Wildlife Walk against Manchester Airport expansion

Date Event date: November 03, 2012 14:00

Tagged as: environmentalism

Meet at Hasty Lane, near Manchester Airport, WA15 8UT



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Come along for a family friendly walk in the greenfields and woodlands of Sunbank in protest against Manchester Airport’s plans for a ‘World Logistics Hub’.

Manchester Airport has recently submitted a planning application to concrete over 90 acres of former greenbelt land around Sunbank Lane, in order to build around 43 warehouses and office buidings with 1,500 car parking spaces. These plans will lead to the eviction of local residents, the destruction of valuable greenspace and an increase in traffic congestion, noise pollution and carbon emissions from the Airport's freight sector.

For more information about the plans and responses from local residents see:http://stopmanchesterairport.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/plans-to-concrete-former-greenbelt-land.html

Join us for a protest walk against these unnecessary and destructive expansion plans. We will gather at Hasty Lane, and then walk to Sunbank around the affected area. Our route will take us through the green space earmarked for destruction, with opportunities to hear from local people and see wildlife in its threatened habitat. The walk will finish with warm drinks in the nearby Romper pub.

Organised by Stop Expansion at Manchester Airport (SEMA www.stopmanchesterairport.org.uk or email: info@stopmanchesterairport.org.uk)

Supported by Ringway Parish Council and Save Sunbank campaign. (Email: savesunbank@gmail.com)

Transport details to Hasty Lane can be found on the SEMA website. http://stopmanchesterairport.org.uk/