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Picket Poundland - Against Workfare

Date Event date: September 07, 2012 16:00

Tagged as: economic_crisis repression social_struggles

Outside Poundland

High Street Gateshead
232-240 High Street
Tyne and Wear

Places: gateshead tyne_&_wear

Part of the UK-wide campaign against workfare - picket Poundland in Gateshead

This follows the high court ruling that the DWP were within the law to force two unemployed workers out of voluntary work and into unpaid labour at the store.

Poundland, whose profits have risen dramatically in these times of austerity, have re-joined Workfare with enthusiasm. This represents an attack on the conditions of all workers, employed and unemployed. Following the victory against Holland & Barrett, who withdrew from the scheme following concerted national pressure, we believe a nationwide escalation strategy involving various groups opposed to Workfare will deliver the goods and force Poundland to also withdraw. End unpaid work!

See a report from the Brighton Poundland picket here


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