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Welfare campaingners' solidarity with PCS strike

Members of Defend Welfare Newcastle (including benefits claimants) and Tyne & Wear Left Unity, were joined by a “Fat Cat” when they offered support to striking workers at the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).  By attending pickets, and a rally at Newcastle Monument, organised by the PCS Union during their strike on March 8th and 9th, they showed their solidarity with workers at the DWP, incl…

Activists Hold Mobile Demo Against Bradford Uni

Seven activists today held a mobile demo against the University of Bradford's animal testing facilities and highlighting the barbarism happening inside them.

Rally at Royal Park school (Video)

Community members rallied in front of former Royal Park school to voice support for its transformation into a community centre, and to oppose bids to Leeds city council that would turn the space into businesses or more student flats. Watch the video here.

Newcastle protest in solidarity with Yarl's Wood


Members of No Borders North East unfurled a banner from a rooftop in Newcastle city center this morning (6th March 2010). They were showing their support for the women from Yarl's Wood detention center, who have been on hunger strike for several weeks, and demanding an end to immigration detention.

Strike Spreads: Up to 55 detainees have also been refusing food for the last four days in Harmondsw…

Audio - Staff and Students Unite Against Cuts

Below is an audio report on the demonstration held on Thursday 25th February in Leeds by staff and students against education cuts.

Support Local Campaign Against Bradley Open-cast

This years EF! winter moot was held in Dipton Community Centre, which looks over the proposed site for an open-cast at Bradley. Members of the local campaign against the mine have asked if people who attended the moot, (as well as those who didn't) would write in their objection to the development.



Stop the Deportation of Mireille Mbimbo!

Sanctuary for Mireille Mbimbo (Very urgent support needed)

Mireille Mbimbo a national of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and a resident of Bradford, is currently being held at Penine House Manchester STHC (Short Term Holding Centre) and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Monday 15th February @ 19.00 on Kenya Airways flight KQ101, from Manchester to Nairobi for onward transit on flig…

66 on Yarl's Wood Solidarity Hunger Strike


Today, Friday 12th February at 9am, 66 people in Bradford, West Yorkshire began a hunger strike in solidarity with hunger strikers in Yarl's Wood Detention Facility, Bedfordshire over the imprisonment of children and general conditions of detained asylum seekers. The solidarity strike will continue until 9am tomorrow, Saturday 13th.

84 women have gone on hunger strike in Yarl's Wood Detention Fac…

Bradford Hole To Be Landscaped


Bowing to the inevitable, Bradford Council confirmed this morning that the hoardings around the Westfield[1] hole would be taken down soon, and the area within partly landscaped. Alas the wide-open vistas we dreamed of will still be blocked by the maroon hoarding being repositioned around the massive hole at the centre of the project, with little perspex windows through which public art may be gl…

UK Coal ' greenwash' Durham Planners!


Money grabbing UK coal have overcome one of the largest barriers in their plans to opencast the PONT VALLEY,

OPPONENTS of a large opencast mine in a picturesque valley fear the worst now that planning permission has been granted to move a colony of Great Crested Newts – a protected species.

Durham County Council planners agreed to an application by UK Coal to create four habitat ponds for wild…

York Calls for Debt Cancellation for Haiti

Around 30 York residents assembled at the city's Parliament Street Fountain, on the busy "Residents Weekend", to call for Haiti's debt to be cancelled and to denounce the imperialism and distaster-capitalism that have marred aid efforts so far, and threaten Haiti with centuries more suffering. Over a hundred passers by signed petitions, and the protest received local media coverage, raising the ne…

Demo at B&K Universal


A demonstration is currently underway at the headquarters of B&K Universal in Hull, which is a company that specialises in breeding animals for laboratory research. Most notably, they are the chief supplier of animals for the widely targeted vivisection laboratory, Huntingdon Life Sciences in Cambridgeshire.

The demonstration has attracted activists from across the North of England and beyond. Th…

Leeds University Strikes

Leeds University is facing 700 job cuts and the UCU is balloting on strike action.  The University is cutting £35 million of spending of which 60% will be from staff cuts.  It gets £30.8 million in tuition fees.  The Leeds student union, LUU are against the strike and have not come out against the job cuts.

Council votes to cut Leeds' carbon 40%

Leeds residents are celebrating after Leeds City Council voted to cut city-wide carbon emissions 40% by 2020.

Green-belt Destruction in Salford



Health professionals climate change demo

Health professionals demonstrated outside the Leeds General Infirmary at on the last day of Copenhagen climate change talks to stress huge negative impacts on global health if agreement is not reached.


Yorkshire and Humber Plan to Worsen Climate Change


Yorkshire and Humber's unelected assembly wants to hasten the day when Leeds is a port on an inland sea. They must be stopped!

The highs and highs of Leeds critical mass


Leeds critical mass has had a revival.  For the past three months double figures have been turning out to cycle the center of town and show card drivers how it could be done.

Royal Park School Evicted Again!

After a long session in court this morning the District Judge has made a ruling that is final, we must vacate the caretakers house and grounds by 12:00pm Wednesday 2nd December 2009.

Reclaim the Night Leeds 2009

On Saturday 28th November over 200 women marched through Leeds to reclaim those spaces which may be threatening or home to violent attacks against women. The first section of the march was women only while the latter half was open to all. The march then made it's way to the civic hall where several short speeches were made and stalls from local concerned groups could be perused.

Royal Park School facing eviction


Residents of Royal Park School facing eviction - Case to be heard at Leeds Magistrates Court Monday 23rd, 1000h

The team of residents who have taken occupation in the neglected Royal Park School with the hope of reclaiming it for the community may be ordered to leave this Monday by Leeds City Council. If the court rules to evict the residents they could be forced to leave by the next day.

York Shows Solidarity With Imprisoned LocalSoldier


After his arrest this week for taking part in anti-war protests against military orders, York showed its support to Lance Corporal Joe Glenton, a son of the city, with people queueing to sign a petition during a massively successful city centre stall and vigil. The signatures rolled in, news cameras rolled on, and the brave stand of soldier against mindless imperialism was taken to new audiences.

Royal Park School taken

A group of people have taken over Royal Park School to use as a community center! Come and show your support! Bring yourself, food, bedding cleaning materials, and anything that would make the place look pretty!

Royal Park Primary School was closed in 2004 by Leeds City Council. On its closure our community was promised that it would be retained as badly needed community space...Assessment Manage…

On class and migrant solidarity

This is an article that we wrote after the Calais No Borders camp. It addresses some of the criticisms we received from some anarchists in Britain. The text was published in Black Flag magazine no.230 with the title 'In defence of migrants'.

Afghan appeal poster subverts - DIY Guide

Around the country billboards containing Poppy Appeal posters from the Royal British Legion are displaying images of British soldiers in Afghanistan, or their grieving widows and family. While the appeal tried to raise it's annual £30 million, most people think the best way to help the troops is to bring them home and prosecute the politicians who sent them. Below we outline how to modify these bi…

Exposé & New Campaign - SHUT DOWN DOGS 4 US!


Hot on the heels of making West Yorkshire fur-free, West Yorkshire Animal Rights Group has launched a brand new undercover investigation to go along with our new campaign:


Engage and Change - Climate Change action in Leeds


Today activists in Leeds got together to put on a huge day of activites and info in Leeds City Centre to talk to people about the Climate Change and how we can take action to ruduce our carbon useage.

Here are some photos from the day of some of the different groups and what they were up to. For more info or to get involved see the links below.

Engage and Change Leeds- Pictures


Pictures of the Engage and Change event in Leeds, as climate activists from a variety of campaigns come together for the International Day of Climate Action.

Terrorism Act used against Blacklisted workers

The main contractor at Fiddler's Ferry power station in Cheshire is seeking an injunction under the Prevention of Terrorism Act to prevent blacklisted workers from picketing the site.

Edo Defendants Arrested at "Target Brimar" Launch

This afternoon, around 70 people gathered in Chadderton, Greater Manchester at the launch demonstration of the Target Brimar campaign.

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