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Lakeland Tales - Potter re-written....


A retelling of Beatrix Potter’s Lakeland tales with a distinctly anti nuclear theme are being created to mark the dubiously named ‘Managing Radioactive Waste Safely ‘Drop In’ meetings taking place in Lakeland towns and villages over the next two weeks.

Heroin shortage hits M62 corridor


I work part-time in substance misuse clinics in the North of England. Over the last few days, I've noticed lots of people coming in with problems that they didn't have before. Many people who had been using heroin, some of them for a long time, had been getting into unexpected problems caused by lack of availability of the drug at street-level.

Advertising - Piling on the Radioactive Rubbish


The 'Managing Radioactive Waste Safely' Partnership is piling on radioactive rubbish with an advertising campaign sent to every house in the Lakes with the aim of "implementing geological disposal" in Cumbria.

For every meeting we can afford to attend, Radiation Free Lakeland will be handing out leaflets urging people to oppose this diabolic process.

Piracy & Participatory Economics


Reflections on Michael Albert, Gabriel Kuhn, Piracy, Economics and so on…

The M62 Corridor (as planners doubtless think of it) - or at least a short stretch of it – had the good fortune last Thursday to host both Michael Albert and Gabriel Kuhn, hearing them talk on their respective expert subjects.

Your correspondent, equipped with a bicycle and railcard, was able to encounter both speaker…

Critical spook bike ride


The critical mass in Leeds celebrated Halloween on Friday.  The monthly celebration of cycling round had a good number of cyclists who braved the mass of cars to make a mass of bicycles.  The atmosphere was friendly with a few drivers asking, "What are you protesting about?", to which the mass replied that we were just riding our bikes.

Radio Interference: September 24th 2010


4th episode of the Radio Interference programme, broadcast on the 4th Friday of each month at 8pm.  Featuring folk sessions and interviews live from Treehouse Cafe/Bradford Centre For Non-Violence, plus crunchy goodness from Dj Big Bickies.

Total running time: 1 hour 54 minutes

Michael Albert talk in Bradford

Michael Albert, activist, Z Communications founder and co-founder of Participatory Economics theory delivers a talk on a participatory left response to our "economic crisis".

Radio Interference: August 27th 2010


3rd episode of the Radio Interference programme, broadcast on the 4th Friday of each month at 8pm

Spending Review Hits North Hardest

The comprehensive spending review announced last week will have a worse impact on people with below-average income. Now it's been shown that the North of England will be hit worse than the South.

Manchester Against Cuts Demo


Manchester Demonstrators Rage at Government Cuts.

Manchester Marches Against The Cuts


A short rally organised by the TUC at the Peace Garden in St Petrs Square was followed by a rally and march from the BBC building on Oxford Road through the city centre.

RBS Targeted in Leeds after Cuts Announcement

Today, Thursday 21st October, protesters targeted RBS branches across Leeds. Early this morning the RBS headquarters on East Parade and the main NatWest branch on Park Row were attacked with paint, sand and glue. The buildings and pavement were sprayed with the messages “Banks get Bailouts, We get Cuts” and “Cut This!”


Bradford Apple Day


Sunday 10th October 2010 saw a group of volunteers from around the city and beyond descend on West Bowling community orchard for the 10th birthday of Bradford's Apple Day. Celebrating the apple picking season in England, it was a chance to try a wide variety of apples grown locally and to meet others in the community.


Ironic Curtain - Russian Vs. US Mainstream Media


'Russia Today', a TV channel broadcast in English, has laid into the US mainstream media today. In a video piece called "News or sensation: Who trusts the mainstream?" first broadcast over UK terrestrial TV at 1022h, it was reported that 57% of Americans do not trust their media to accurately report the news.

£400M research-No Nuke Dump Site-W Cumbria


Prof David Smythe (Emeritus Professor of Geophysics, University of Glasgow), an earth scientist who was employed by Nirex to find a nuclear waste repository in West Cumbria, is not opposed to geological disposal in principle but he says the scientific research carried out in the 1990s which cost the public purse £400M shows that -  No site in West Cumbria is suitable for geological disposal of n…

A Little Less Talk, A Little More Action?

The latest meeting of the Convention of the Left took place in Manchester at the weekend, within yards of the barricades around the Labour Party conference. The Convention's first meeting was in 2008, also in Manchester. Its purpose was, and is, to unite all factions on the Left. I have not attended any of the previous conferences but they do not seem to have achieved much more than enable Left ac…

International Radioactive Waste Action Day


International Radioactive Waste Action Day is 29th Sept. The date was chosen to commemorate the worst known radioactive waste disaster -- a reprocessing storage tank explosion, following loss of cooling water, in the Ural Mountains of Siberia on Sept. 29, 1957 . An entire region contaminated, hundreds immediately killed and the poisoning and death of many more since, due to the lingering radioacti…

How do we connect activism in Leeds and grow?


How do we connect all this great activism in Leeds together?  How do we grow as a movement so that we can demand, not ask, for change?  How do we build our power?  And how do we get from A to B?

Cyclists or road lice


"I don't want to moderate oppression; I want to eradicate it," is how Aurora put it.  She was one of the organisers of a small conference on 'Bike Politics' at Lancaster University held on Thursday and Friday (16th and 17th) which brought together 25 sociologists, town planners, campaigners and activists from all over the UK and beyond.

Fair InTents - Haworth's inaugural ecofair


The weekend of 11th-12th September 2010 saw the first ever Fair InTents event held in Haworth, Yorkshire, which was an "ecofair" intended to promote Fair Trade goods, sustainable living and community action in the Haworth area.

West Cumbrian Revolt over High Level Nuke Dump


Campaign group Radiation Free Lakeland have written to all Allerdale Councillors urging them to support Councillor Joe Sandwith's proposal that they should withdraw from the dodgy process designed to force Cumbria into "geological disposal" of nuclear waste.

Hunting - what YOU can do about it

I am writing this article, because I (as a young women, who is not that fit) have spent years thinking that hunt sabotage was best left to the more capable.

I recently learnt the error of my ways, and am now heavily involved with organising this years Hunt Sabbing activities in Yorkshire (west, north and east - all covered by the West Yorkshire sab group)

I want to outline the various roles with…

Bradford Sees Off Non-Event by EDL


On Saturday 28th August in Bradford a number of interesting events occurred - many of which happen most Saturdays (though some, mercifully, not occurring so often).

EDL Pantomime passes with peaceful response


As the job of clearing the beer cans and smoke canisters from the location of the EDL playpen at Bradford's ArtsHole begins in earnest, and the last coachload of unwelcome visitors leaves the city, here is a dogs eye view of the days events.

Israeli Blood Dates - Leeds Inspectors - UPDATE!


Israeli Blood Dates - Leeds Inspector's Report - UPDATE 22nd August 2010!!!

After an excellent report from the Inspector's on Israeli Blood Dates being sold in Leeds, we have an update on what's been happening and their recent visits to other stores...

Unity Day 2010


This year's Unity Day was full of sunshine and good vibes. It saw thousands of people come to Hyde Park/Woodhouse Moor in Leeds to eat, drink, dance, and generally have a good time together.

Radical Routes Summer Gathering


The summer Radical Routes Gathering was an exciting time for co-ops in The North. Held at Berrington Hall Housing Co-op near Shrewsbury (also known as Crabapple Community), the event saw representatives from housing, workers' and trading co-ops come together in a weekend of sharing ideas, working together and having fun.

The Hole That Cost a Mint


As a responsible citizen and commentator your correspondent felt compelled today to visit the recently opened "Temporary Bradford Urban Garden"  which we last reported on in February [1], when plans were about to be unveiled for the opening up of the space.

West Yorkshire Hunt Sabs - Updates

Updates on our landrover apeal

Radio Interference Broadcast 2 now available!


The second Radio Interference show, broadcast on Friday 23rd July 2010 is now available to listen online with the player below or to download and listen to whilst tending your whippets, doffing your flat cap or any other suitably northern activity you could care to think of.

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