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Stop the Deportation of Hassanat + her children



Hassanat Omeneke Aliyu's second asylum claim has been rejected today, and she is due to be deported this Friday - 1st February.

She fled Nigeria in 2006 with her one year old daughter, who was threatened with Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). She was trafficked to Britain and has been living here for 5 and a half years, and is currently living in Newcastle. She now has three young daughters w…

Residents fight Mcr Airport 'World Logistics Hub'



Local residents and environmentalists have began organising to oppose Manchester Airport's plans to concrete over former greenbelt land to build a 'World Logistics Hub'.  If given the go-ahead, the proposals would involve the construction of around 43 warehouse and office units plus over 1400 carparking spaces.  This would require the eviction of residents, the destruction of greenspace for lo…

Opencast Coal Issues Investigated by the BBC

The latest LAON press release explains why the BBC's Counrtyfile programme is investigation a planning recommendation made by a Planning Inspector after a Public Inquiry over the Halton Lea Gate Opencast Mine in Northumberland has implications for all similar mineral planning applications in England.

Cumbria County Council: "Dump the Nuke Dump"


This wednesday 5th Sept, Cumbria County Council will be asked to "slam the door shut" on the nuke dump plans for Cumbria.  Radiation Free Lakeland and others will be speaking at the last Council meeting before the decision is made to continue on the toxic slide to a nuclear sacrifice zone. The proposals are for the worlds largest nuclear dump under wild Ennerdale or towns and villages in Allerdale…

Anti-Fascists 2-0 BNP, Sunderland.


Local anti Fascists outnumber the British National Party's national call out demonstration in Pallion, Sunderland. 

Disabled Mum "too independent" claims Motability

A severely disabled single mum from leeds is facing losing her children, job and even her home after government agency motability told her that the heavily adapted vehicle she relies on to get out and about makes her "too independent".

Kirsten Battle, 38 who uses a specialist electric wheelchair qualified as the first disabled youth worker in Yorkshire in 2009 has qualified for the scheme, the o…

Newcastle Metro Cleaners go on 48hr strike


Tyne and Wear Metro cleaners go on strike over low pay conditions and the sacking of a fellow employee.

For more info visit:

Or search 'Campaign for Tyne and Wear Cleaners'

Fracking with Radioactive Bells On - Lives!


Fracking is Dead - Hurrah!  Long Live Radioactive Fracking with Bells On?  While the Forests Sell Off and the Fracking campaigns recieved really sympathetic , whipping in, and at times almost blanket media coverage, the media support for the campaign to stop the dumping of high level wastes under Cumbria has been low key to say the very least.  

Unrest over Cuadrilla Fracking


Residents from the Fylde gathered on Sunday at St Cuthbert's in Lytham to discuss and question the proposed hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in the area. Drilling company Cuadrilla Resources is seeking the green light to go ahead with fracking at Preese Hall farm, Singleton. A further 800 sites are also being considered in the area for fracking.

Occupy Newcastle strike out at ATOS


PRESS RELEASE: ATOS declared unfit for work

Occupy Newcastle Activists target ATOS' discrimination against the vulnerable and disabled.

Six arrested at anti-Tesco squat in Manchester



Six people were arrested today at the occupation of the disused Kro2 Bar in hcentral Manchester.  Police illegally forced entry to the squat and made arrests on suspicion of causing criminal damage, shortly before a demonstration outside at 1.30pm.


Anti-corporate demo in Manchester: TODAY@1.30pm


Police and Bruntwood security are blocking access to the newly squatted Kro2 Bar on Oxford Road, central Manchester - next the former BBC building.   An emergency support demo has been called for TODAY (Monday 19th March 2012) at 1.30pm outside Kro2 Bar (M1 7ED) in support of community spaces and to say no to police protecting corporate interests.

Report back from True Cost of Coal Infotour Leeds

Report back from True Cost of Coal and Coal Action Scotland Infotour - The Space Project, Leeds

We had a really inspiring talk from Coal Action Scotland and the Beehive Collective and as numbers were low I thought I'd do a quick write up to share with people who couldn't make it.


Victory against UK Coal!


The Pont Valley Network and Durham County Council have successfully prevented UK Coal mining half a million tonnes of Coal from Bradley when UK Coal appealed the decision made last year.

Anti-nuclear bike ride & picnic, Heysham Sat 10/03

We'd like to invite you to two events this coming weekend to mark the anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster and our opposition to the plans to build new nuclear power stations in the UK.

Fri 9th March, 8pm, upstairs in the Gregson, Lancaster: film evening

Sat 10th March, 11am antinuclear bike ride to Heysham, followed by picnic at 3pm at the power station


New Okasional Cafe opens in Manchester


A disused pub in Hulme is the site of the latest Okasional Cafe - Manchester's temporary squatted social centre.  The Gamecock Pub on Boundary Lane (M15 6GE) will host of three weeks of food, film screenings, music nights, talks, workshops, action planning and more....


Dodgy Relationships- Nuclear Intimacy


Dodgy relationships bought with millions of pounds of taxpayers money and promoting the nuclear agenda grow more blatent day by day.  The nuclear corruption of Cumbria's decision makers could of course be a horrid series of coincidences that remain unchallenged and unreported on, it is surely too blatent to be a conspiracy?  

Pizza Hut Solidarity in Bradford

Several West Yorkshire IWW members and friends braved the snow today to picket the Cineworld Pizza Hut in Bradford in solidarity with Sheffield Pizza Hut Workers.

Pizza Hut Workers take action in Sheffield


Pizza Hut workers at the Crookes store are taking action outside in the snow today to raise awareness of por pay conditions.

Manchester fuel poverty billboard subvertising


Billboards in Manchester were transformed today as anger against the ‘Big Six' energy companies rises. DIY modifications were made in protest about the thousands of people who die each year due to fuel poverty, and the hikes in heating bills. [1]



Cleaners on Tyne & Wear Metro Fight Back

The RMT asked for the motion below to be discussed at the Northern TUC on 21 January and it was passed unanimously.

Equity Partnership to hold vote on Trans inclusion


In a nutshell: Equity Partnership is a Bradford LGB organisation that works with and supports groups and related issues for the community. It has previously explicitly not included Trans in its descriptions and implicitly in its efforts. There has been a proposal to include Trans people in the constitution. Before the amendment can go through, there will be a re-vote on the proposal on Monday…

Unilever Strikes


Staff at Unilever IT headquarters at Ewloe, Deeside, N. E. Wales joined workers in action across the UK to strike against the company from 7am today 18/01/2012

North East protest against charter flights

Last week saw protests against a UK charter flight to Sri Lanka, in which activists struck at the heart of the Government's "unjust deportation machine", and blocked the road outside Colnbrook and Harmondsworth immigration prisons with ‘lock-on' devices and a tripod.

On Monday 19 Dec, a protest was held at the UK Borders Agency Reporting Centre in North Shields, Tyne & Wear, against a UK-sponso…




URGENT! The flight is now leaving from Gatwick not Heathrow. Also phone calls are best now, as she has been already taken to the airport. To speak directly to Sam Okwulehie, ignore the general admin numbers given on the article and call 0208 2831 831 and ask to speak to his PA called Shiela. She will out you through to him, if you give some excuse.


I would like to URGENTL…

N30 Strike: Oldham this morning


None of the council or government buildings were closed today, but all were running with drastically reduced staff and most had pickets outside.

Consumer Culture Brought to Its Knees in Bradford


In one sweeping stroke the false consciousness of consumption was served a mortal blow in the streets of Bradford today. As the worldwide ripples of Buy Nothing Day crashed upon the shore of BD1, multinational capital trembled in it's bloodstained boots.

There's a Hole in DECC's Bucket - NUCLEAR !


The UK's premier freshwater resource - the Lake District is struggling to find enough freshwater to cool the heels of existing nuclear wastes.

The Environment Agency's suggestion to accomodate the government's pronuclear ambition is:


Yorkshire Hunt Sabs Half Season Report


News from Sheffield, West Yorkshire & Doncaster Sabs

Dusty & Dylan Go Fur-Free

Earlier this week NARN and our supporters called upon the Leeds fashion boutique, Dusty & Dylan, to adopt a fur-free policy following fox coats being sold in the shop.

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