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Nicholas Kimbrell walks across America to end war

"It's amazing! My mind is really running. I have a visceral affinity with the mountains. Sometimes I don't even think about the war. I just know I'm doing what I have to do."

Habeas corpus du spectaculaire intégré

Terrorisme du capital, capital du terrorisme...

School on Fire


True story

Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies ( Technical University of Košice), Prešov, Slovakia

34 countries, 17 states represented "100,000 Tweet


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Paraphysique de sémantique générale

Le spectacle de la contestation n'est pas la contestation du spectacle...

La révolution psychologique

La répugnante récupération politicienne...

SHAC - your help needed

The SHAC campaign ends but funds still needed to support the SHAC Heroes.

Paraphysique de domination/scotomisation

Domination de manipulation, manipulation de domination...

Paraphysique de l'hologramme

La critique de l'aliénation elle-même aliénée...

Social Media Campaign on Oscar López Rivera’s Birt


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Travail de l'idéologie

Travail de l'idéologie, l'idéologie du travail...

Yumurtanin akinin bu faydasini bilmiyordunuz

Yumurtanin akinin yaniklara faydali oldugunu biliyor muydun hic?

A l'époque du spectaculaire concentré et diffus

Hommage à l'anarchiste feu Michel Noury ( 1948-2014 )...

Règlements de comptes à O.K. Corral

Le capital en a déjà fait une nouvelle danse...

Paraphysique du souvenir melting-pot

Hommage à Michel Noury...

Paraphysique de théorie critique

Théorie de la critique, critique de la théorie...

Subversion de la théorie

Subversion de la théorie, théorie de la subversion...

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday is an occasion when a person or institution celebrates the anniversary of their birth. Birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with a gift, party, or rite or passage.

Pasta Tarifleri Sitesi

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Mario Kart Games

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Kof vs Dnf 0.99 Hacked

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EDL target West-End mosque


Yesteday the EDL held a flash demo at a mosque site on the west-rd.

Only Mario Games

only mario games

General Strike LIVE from athens

The broadcasting crew of STOPCARTEL TV

North East English Volunteer Force (EVF) unmasked


Today also unmasked are members of the EVF (English Volunteer Force) in the North East of England ‘North East EVF’.  So far it seems they’re mostly concentrated mostly in Hartlepool and consists of little more than a few nut jobs posing masked up in their house and garden.



EVF members here are known to hold a numerous about of knives, razor sharp blades, catapults, pellet guns and…

Sam McArdie EDL member and Winlaton Vulcans RFC


Background on Sam Mcardie a North East EDL member and Winlaton Vulcans RFC player.

Background and info on further NEI members


Background and info on further NEI members - Geoff Fish, Phillip Hackers, Ashley Lambert and Marco Pescod

EDL meet and greet list Newcastle dec 2014


Names and faces of those currently clicked attending to go to the EDL’s upcoming meet and greet at Pumpherys on the 6th December 2014.

Background of early NEI member Wayne 'North'


Background of early NEI member Wayne 'North' from Birtley, Chester le Street.

Background of Neo-Nazi Stephen AKA Charlie Marston


Informaton so far regarding neo-nazi Stephen AKA 'Charlie Marston'.