Plans for Leeds biofuel power station scrapped

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Leeds Friends of the Earth report that plans for a biofuel power station in Leeds have been scrapped. The company Green Frog Power still have plans to build a 5.5MW power station at Buslingthorpe Green, but after concerns were raised by campaigners it will now use diesel and natural gas.

For more information about the decision, see the press release from Green Frog below. The planning application itself can be viewed at the Leeds City Council Public Access site.


Press Release
Green Frog Power

Green Frog Power are an embedded power generator who are establishing a network of small scale ‘Embedded Generation Stations’ at a number of substations across south Yorkshire. These embedded stations will operate on standby to provide power to the network at times of very high demand to avoid power fluctuations and blackouts. They are typically only operational for less than 150 hours a year and are called up by the National Grid as and when required.

Our standard model is for 6MW (mega watts) at each station located adjacent to an existing sub station. The generating equipment is housed in purpose designed sound proof concrete containers.

One of the benefits of the Green Frog program is that where we are connected the local network is supported by our generation and businesses and home owners fed from the substation can be assured of continuity of power supply – an important factor in the face of the predicted severe power shortages.

The generating engines we use can be run on a variety of fuels. These include Bio Diesel and vegetable oil as well as natural gas and diesel. The use of Bio Fuels in power generation has recently attracted great interest. Even ‘Energy crop’ oils specifically grown for use as bio fuels are considered as both carbon inefficient and harmful to the wider global ecosystem by many recognised and respected parties. Green Frog have been monitoring this situation for some time. The arguments put forward by Bio Fuel Watch and Friends of the Earth are both compelling and well presented. We have as company therefore decided that we will not use bio fuels or energy crop oils in our power plants. We have withdrawn their use from existing planning applications.

Our technology is already considered as carbon efficient BAT (Best Available Technology) for its use. It is very efficient and as it delivers the power very close to where it is needed – subsequently there are no transmission losses. These losses can account for up to 14% of all the power generated by the large power plants. As renewable energy especially wind power becomes more important then Embedded Generation to support the system - when the wind is not blowing - will become vital.

Green Frog will continue to monitor the development of Bio Fuels and will be delighted to use them as soon as the next generation have been proven to be ‘truly sustainable’.

Managing Director Mark Jones comments “ We have become increasing concerned over the viability of bio fuels both commercially due to their volatility in price and as to their true renewable credentials. There is huge resource and effort being poured into exciting bio fuel technologies – for example algae growth which shows great potential and bacteria that ‘eat’ waste paper and produce butanol an alternative to petrol. All of these will come in due course.”

Green Frog are currently based in Hull and have created 16 new jobs over the last 12 months. They are currently recruiting further technical staff and expect to add a further 40 new full time positions over the next 18 months in the South Yorkshire area.

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