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A demonstration is currently underway at the headquarters of B&K Universal in Hull, which is a company that specialises in breeding animals for laboratory research. Most notably, they are the chief supplier of animals for the widely targeted vivisection laboratory, Huntingdon Life Sciences in Cambridgeshire.

The demonstration has attracted activists from across the North of England and beyond. The focus of the protest is concentrated around the main gates to the complex, and activists in attendance are shouting slogans and holding banners demanding the business be closed.


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En route to the demonstrations, several activists made a stop at the nearby Highgate Rabbit Farm, scenes of a protest camp late last year. Upon arrival at Highgate, a solitary policeman standing at the end of the road was joined by reinforcements within 7 minutes, after making their presence known, the activists then moved on to Kingston-upon-hull where they were joined by between 15-20 other activists.

At the gate of the complex, the company had set up a neon sign with the words "Protest Zone" on it. All activists arriving were issued with a section 50 notice by the police (stating that the scene has had reports of antisocial behaviour), which required all attendees to give over their personal details under threat of arrest. A heavy local police presence of around 70  was swelled with some from Scotland Yard. The usual FIT tactics were used against the protestors.

The police have advised the organisers that the protests must cease by 4pm, and any who remain after this time will be liable to arrest. Also, activists have been advised that anyone leaving the protest area will be arrested. At the time of writing, no arrests have yet been made and the protest is continuing.

Local residents have expressed support for the campaign, one local resident was quoted as saying that an official complaint has been made by members of the local community who are concerned about the impact of the business on the local area and the image it portrays. Some residents joined the protesters, and others were willing to listen to descriptions of what was taking place on their doorsteps.

In a telephone interview, one of the organisers explained that they had received a high level of harrassment from the police in the run up to this demonstration, despite it being a legal and legitimate protest. Several had been harrassed in the last few weeks leading up to today, and upon arrival in Hull the police ensured that their vehicles could not be parked near to the protest site. Despite this, he said that they felt the day had been remarkably effective in the way that support had come from local residents, and that they were very pleased with the overall turnout.

The Veggies Catering Campaign is in attendance at the event providing food and drinks to protestors and more pictures are to follow from them once they return to their home area. Those in the north and around the country are being urged to attend the National Demonstration against the laboratory at Bradford University on the 13th February, further details and full coverage of the event can be found on this site.


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