International Animal Rights Day 2009

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To mark International Animal Rights Day 2009, activists across the country held demonstrations and vigils in their towns to draw attention to animal abuse and suffering.

In Bradford, anti-vivisectionists held a noisy and visual demo at the University of Bradford to draw attention to their ongoing animal testing programme which has become under growing pressure to stop.

At the University of Leeds
, a candle-lit vigil was held on the Parkinson Building steps, bringing in much support and exposing the 22 deaths a day inside their laboratories. Leafleting also took place in the city centre.

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Also around the the North and UK:

Campaigners in Bristol and Newcastle-upon-Tyne also conducted candle-lit vigils in the town centres.

Harlan UK
, the UK's largest breeder for vivisection, and the infamous Cambridge-based Huntingdon Life Sciences also had demonstrations outside their gates.

In Hampshire, a mock funeral procession was conducted in Wickham Square against the recently exposed animal laboratory, Wickham Laboratories Ltd.

Other actions were also held across the globe in an extremely well organised and orchestrated day of action in the name of animal rights.

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