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Indymedia security

Once again Indymedia UK has been found harvesting IP details

It is with considerable regret we have had confirmation that Indymedia UK mods are once again recording and storing the IP details of posters. Moderator 'monkey wrench' wrote in an email, 

" the site has been getting so much spam recently we have had no choice but to turn the IP capture option back on. Some of us were unhappy about this and at the very least felt we should make a statement so we don't repeat the whole 303 scandal" 

As of now there is no statement on the site (US Mountain time 1030) and I for one don't expect there to be knowing the history of the mods on this issue. 

Posters need to be aware of their history, Indymedia UK mods WILL pass your details to the cops if served with court orders.