15 Sept Anti-Austerity Lisbon, PT Demos

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about the police violence over civilians at the 15 Sept anti-austerity demo in Lisbon, Portugal.


please spread the news everywhere.

dear folks,

this video has been circulating and just on FB has had 3000 shares since yesterday.

as you may know, sat sept 15, there were trans-national demonstrations against austerity in every main town in Portugal. since the 1974 revolution, there hasn't been such colossal demonstrations, this time against the Passos Coelho govt that, basically, reduced this country to shambles. misery, hunger, lack of food is a daily truth. people are desperate to tears and we have no other choice but to fight with all our strenght...

now, some people here have complained, when the sat demos reached Parliament square (and I was there to witness this), at least 3 times the protesting civilians made pavement stones and bottles rain over the police agents that blocked the Parliament staircase, where people were demonstrating, after the civilians had thrown down the railings between them and police, and as a result, police made charge over people...they complain civilians were violent by throwing stones and bottles and that only discredits the protests...

...but they speak without knowledge of real facts. this tiny vid shows the incident that ellicited, and with good reason (IMHO, from one who was already beaten by cops back in the mid-90's student demos), violent reaction from protesting civilians. LOOK WHAT THE POLICE AGENT DID TO THE GIRL!

it's very important this video makes its way to BBC, Euronews, every possible Indymedias, international media etc: many reasons: these facts are not broadcasted by PT media (obv) and much less in international media, but this vid being scandalous as it is, tons of people in the intl community will see and know what's REALLY going on in PT...because this kind of gratuituous violence/state terrorism is always unadmissible, and should never be tolerated.

and if this gets worse, and one agent decides to get trigger happy, once they start firing, they'll be in serious international political pressure. europe won't stand for that. I spoke with a few people and they always gave me the same opinion: get this video out. so I'm here to urge as many people as possible to submit this video to BBC, Euronews, you name it. the more that do the more you help the Portuguese people against this absurd dictatorial police state.

video link http://youtu.be/ROKct1hsR54

submit contents to BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/newswatch/ukfs/hi/newsid_3990000/newsid_3993900/39...>>

Rui Sanches is the name of the video author and he asks for his name to be mentioned for copyright issues.

also of relevance is my perspective on the Sat Lisbon demos - sharing is welcome: http://ljosberinn.wordpress.com/2012/09/16/lisbon-demos-15-9-12/

we're just a small country at the end of Europe, but since the new govt rose to power, and especially these last 7-8 months, there has never been so much misery, agony, suffering being found and seen every day, everywhere. it's horrible to reach the conclusion, we live in a dictatorship, this is nothing but fascism wearing a democracy mask. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD...


best to all of you






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look what the cop did to this girl.

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