Where do we go from here ?

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Those of us calling ourselves Anarchist were almost to a person critical of the Olympics, too expensive, too jingoistic, too much emphasis on winning rather than co-operating. Once London won the consensus was "they will fuck it up, it will go wrong, it will go over budget, nobody will turn up, it will be late.

So how do we now face the facts that 

A - It was a massive success 

B - Support among the population was overwhelming 

C - It came in under budget 

D - Everything worked to plan 

Of all these points it is B that most troubles me. I work as a teacher and I was the only person in my school not completely in support. Two of my colleagues gave up some of their summer holidays to volunteer ! All of the pupils were supportive, somehow the Olympics even managed to be 'cool' with them which amazed me. Now they are back at school we are already seeing a greater number wanting to be involved in competitive sport, note not just sport but competition. The need to win is far stronger than it was before the Olympics and when I talk about winning as unpleasant I am laughed at. 

Why do they not understand the Anarchist ethos ? Why are we not getting our message across ? Why was the Olympics such a success ?


Winning and support

I have long worked to turn people away from competitive sport and toward dance where the emphasis on the production and mutual support is a world away from the winning ethos of competitive support. I must say I found the scenes of people being lauded for running faster than somebody else truly loathsome.

To turn to the wide issue I think that Anarchist theory is not well supported because of the all pervading control of the mainstream media by those with a financial interest in anarchism remaining on the fringe.
Education is the key.