Engage and Change - Climate Change action in Leeds

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Today activists in Leeds got together to put on a huge day of activites and info in Leeds City Centre to talk to people about the Climate Change and how we can take action to ruduce our carbon useage.

Here are some photos from the day of some of the different groups and what they were up to. For more info or to get involved see the links below.

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Attendees included Leeds Plan B who launched their manifesto for a Plan B for the city (as Plan A, carried out by government and business, has failed) and giving out free bags of compost, Friends of the Earth who asked people who were serious about taking action on climate change to take part in a serious stand off and commit to reducing their carbon usage. A Royal Horticultural Society tree planting group were sharing their resources allowing people to plant a tree seed and take it home. Leeds Feminist Society were talking to people about the disproportionate effect climate issues have on women and promoting the Mooncup, the environmentally friendly alternative to tampons!

Oxjam were powering a soundsystem with bicycle power while Northern Indymedia had a bike powered internet cafe (complete with vegan cake and hot drinks) and for those who were intereted in how they could use their pedal power a workshop on bike generators was run by Cornerstone Housing Co-Op members at the Central Library.

Meanwhile the Vegan Society were sharing recipes for energy efficient food and Leeds Vegetarian and Vegan Society gathered support for meat free mondays from passers by.

At 3.50pm all the groups gathered to sign a giant letter to local MPs asking them to help them take better action to halt climate change.



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