Anti-Fascists 2-0 BNP, Sunderland.

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Local anti Fascists outnumber the British National Party's national call out demonstration in Pallion, Sunderland. 

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On the 25th August 2012, the British National Party announced it was holding a second protest outside the Subway outlet in Pallion, Sunderland. A counter demonstration by anti-Fascists in the area was also organised. Around thirty anti-Fascists assembled near the Subway at 12pm. 


The first comedic moment of the day was made by the Police officer present saying "Alright, so who's the leader here?": there was no leader. Then he followed this by saying "You've picked a good day for it", of course it was the BNP who had chose this day to demonstrate. We arrived outside the Subway around 12.15 and there was not a Fascist in sight, beside the lonely, shadowy figure of a BNP member who skulked around the corner wondering what do with the number of anti-fascists demonstrating against them.


Eventually at 1pm, the main body of the BNP's national call out had gathered with just about eighteen people present, and because of the antifascist presence they could only demonstrate on the corner of the street near to their target outside the Kwik-Tan shop. 


Tanning themselves, the first 10 minutes of their appearance was met by a anti-fascist comrade sneakily snatching one of the BNP's placards and smashing it up putting the placard in the bin. 


After a short time,by 3pm the BNP decided the tanning shop was too much to endure and began to pack up and leave for home. It was 1-0 for the anti-Fascists!


Further hilarity ensured when it was reported afterwards that the BNP 'truth truck' had crashed into the St Peters Metro bridge. 2-0 !


No pasaran.



Thanks for this excellent report. The photo of the "truth truck" wedged under a bridge is a classic.

Can I just ask you to address an inconsistency though? The article says that the BNP demo was just outside the kwik-tan, but the pictures do show it outside the subway.

BNP were pathetic

The BNP were claiming that all those who turned out to oppose them were "Supporters of Animal Cruelty". One of the large black block (Sunderlands first!) responded that "If you cared about animals you wouldn't kill them". A BNPer: "Why don't you get them then?" pointing at a few middle aged Muslims. The BNP do not get that this is a free country.
The level of barbarity that is allowed in slaughter houses is unnacceptable; not just Halal.
Halal was originally a more humane standard for slaughtering animals. It is now a slightly less humane standard, due to an over literal interpretation that disregards the intention of the standard.
The BNP are racists led by a fascist (Nick Griffin was formerly an NF leader), who will exploit any issue, however little they care about it. There were a lot of police there to protect the BNP & their vehicles.
Bastard of the day award goes to the photographer from Red Watch, who used his son, maybe about 7, as a human shield. The 2 of them walked past a large group of Antifa without interaction, then ran away.

a guess

I wasn't there, but on close examination, it looks like the photos which do seem to show the BNP next to a Subway logo actually seem to be a reflections of the logo (note the backwards text) presumably in a shop window. So they are probably opposite, rather than in front of Subway.

Nice one...

Nice one for making it out guys, the whole day looks like a right humiliation for them, and judging by the pictures they look pretty pissed off that they didn't even make it out Subway!

Second decent turn out to counter the scum in Sunderland this month I believe, after outnumbering the NF earlier on? Keep up the good work!

Slight correction

Yeah, the BNP were on the opposite side of the road to the Subway shop - stuck picketing Kwik Tan again. The anti-fascists had gotten there at 12pm and occupied the space outside Subway. Nazis didn't turn up till 1pm and left at about 2pm, not 3pm as the article states. We were in the pub trying to dry our clothes and soak our throats well before 3 o'clock.