Disabled Mum "too independent" claims Motability

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A severely disabled single mum from leeds is facing losing her children, job and even her home after government agency motability told her that the heavily adapted vehicle she relies on to get out and about makes her "too independent".

Kirsten Battle, 38 who uses a specialist electric wheelchair qualified as the first disabled youth worker in Yorkshire in 2009 has qualified for the scheme, the only one of its type in the uk, for over 20 years and was happily driving the van until this year when without warning the organisation, which is funded by disabled people who exchange their benefits for a vehicle on contract hire, suddenly wrote to her informing her that she would lose the vehicle.

The organisation refuses to provide any evidence as to why this is the case. despite being asked to do so by her solicitor.

Kirsten, who is recovering from major surgery, needs the vehicle to go anywhere due to the fact that she lives in a remote location which has no accessible "public" transport and no shops or services and, despite having grown up in the area is constantly abused by locals, attacks which have also been aimed at her car and home, causing major damage. These have been reported to the police and to Leeds City Council, both of whom have told her that "discriminative or hate orientated crime towards disabled people is perfectly legal under current legislation".

Leeds City Council have also told the mum of a 16 and 12 year old that the children will be taken into care if she loses the vehicle on the grounds that she would have no way to get them to school.

Motability refused to comment.




Disabled mum faces losing kids due to discrimination by government agency 

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Motability have issued a letter to me accusing me of being "difficult".

THEY say that I put the phone down on them,
I SAY I have tried explaining that I have very poor signal and it often cuts out. I try to call them back but its not always possible.

THEY say that I am not clear on the phone or seen as being rude and that this has upset their staff.
I say that I have had problems in the past because I have Aspergers - and I stutter. I would however never intentionally upset or insult anyone and would apologise - IF I had known this before last week! Obviously I publicly apologise to anyone I have offended but in a way its THEIR problem for not understanding my difficulties!
Additionally I have suggested that I have an advocate call for me but they have refused this as an option - even though it is a reasonable request!

THEY say my house if difficult for their service partners to find.
I say well get a sat nav or call me for directions! Its not my fault!

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Hey KB

The point of this site is that we are the journalists. We have to be, because the professionals are so bad at it.

Great to read your article, and good luck in your struggle.

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To put the "the transport makes you too independent" into perspective, the vast majority of the GB Paralympics will have, or would have had at some point, cars on the Motability scheme.

It is THE ONLY WAY a disabled person can obtain transport without being lucky - I.e rich or sponsored! This is because disabled people cannot obtain loans - any loans!

If anyone knows anyone who could help me - wish less than 3 weeks to go I am VERY desperate - please contact me. I need people to write letters, phone and complain, contact the press and tweet/facebook/linkin this article!

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately I have lost my final appeal to Motability. The van will now need to be taken back to somewhere on Sunday 30th September.

HOWEVER - they are currently refusing to provide me with ANY information as to WHERE they expect me to return it to AND they fail to acknowledge that the 30th is a SUNDAY and the company from whom I collected it from is closed on a weekend.

So once again they are refusing to be co-operative and are being unreasonable!

I am also facing being sacked from my job. If anyone knows any charities or organisations who would want my youth work or admin skills and who would allow me to work flexibly please let me know.