Fracking with Radioactive Bells On - Lives!

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Fracking is Dead - Hurrah!  Long Live Radioactive Fracking with Bells On?  While the Forests Sell Off and the Fracking campaigns recieved really sympathetic , whipping in, and at times almost blanket media coverage, the media support for the campaign to stop the dumping of high level wastes under Cumbria has been low key to say the very least.  


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Only now when the plan is entrenched with £millions spent and the CONsultation over has the national media allowed a bit of the  truth about this diabolic plan to be given a glimpse of the light of day.  The reporting in national and local press takes its cue directly from the government quango 'Managing Radioactive Wastes Safely' spindoctors, by spreading the lie that Cumbrians are nothing more than turkeys voting for Christmas with "A consultation led by three Cumbrian councils is also expected to show local people are in favour of the dump"  There is no mention here of the 75% of Parish Councils voting NO.

This is nasty spin, cherrypicking one out of 8 CONsultation questions from a CONsultation that should not be taking place at all in an area whose geology is too leaky for a geological nuclear dump.  It is highly suspect that all those people who have said NO to the previous 7 questions of this dodgy CONsultation would say YES to proceeding with the plan for a geological nuclear dump which would uplift the land with radioactive gases, irreversibly contaminate water supplies and condem the Forests to transpiring radioactive carbon.  But Hey - 'We' stopped the Fracking and the Forests Sell Off!!  Two out of three ain't bad.

The news that Shepway council in Kent wants to explore a geological nuclear dump smacks of some dodgy sales technique ‘some one else is interested.’ Will this timely news from Kent galvanise and warm the cockles of what must be increasingly cold feet amongst Cumbria’s ‘Decision Making Bodies’ here in Cumbria? The contrast between the reaction of Kent County Council’s vow to “use every tool in the box to oppose a nuclear dump” and the pathetic ‘don’t worry everything is OK’ of the Cumbrian elite is embarrassing.


Cumbrians are being stitched up like a turkey for Christmas and this is to continue at the next Partnership meeting on Tues 22nd from 9.30am in Whitehaven’s Civic Hall where the Partnership Patsys will be deciding on the ‘Decision to Participate.’ Join Radiation Free Lakeland and other Lakelanders in showing that Cumbrians are not turkeys and that we do not want a nukiller dump.

Radiation Free Lakeland previously provided a Quick Guide to the CONsultation:

THE LIE that Cumbria Supports the Dump is being reported in national and local press on the back of the suspect CONsultation question 8:







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