Anti-nuclear bike ride & picnic, Heysham Sat 10/03

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We'd like to invite you to two events this coming weekend to mark the anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster and our opposition to the plans to build new nuclear power stations in the UK.

Fri 9th March, 8pm, upstairs in the Gregson, Lancaster: film evening
Sat 10th March, 11am antinuclear bike ride to Heysham, followed by picnic at 3pm at the power station



11am Family bike ride. Meet at Lancaster Priory (the church next to the castle). For directions and Location Map see:

1pm Gather at Heysham Nature Reserve Hut and Car Park.
Map attached to this email and another map also at the bottom of this web page (

Heysham is one of the eight proposed sites for nuclear new build to go ahead, in addition to the 4 reactors already in operation. On Sat 10th March 2012, to mark the anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, we will gather at the so called nature reserve outside Heysham power station for an anti-nuclear picnic.

Join us for cakes, conversation, workshops explaining how nuclear reactors work and the risks they pose, what really happened at Fukushima, and what's planned in Britain. For those who want there'll
also be a walk around the perimeter.

Bring things to share: tea, coffee, cake, lunch, blankets - anything you need to have a fun picnic in a fake nature reserve. Musical instruments welcome! The picnic will be on a lawn in the nature reserve right next to the power station, with a good view of the place.

For the family bike ride, meet at the Priory Church on Castle Hill at 11am.
Heysham is easy to get to by bus, but those of you who fancy it, join us for a bike ride from Lancaster via Morecambe. We'll be leaving Lancaster at 11am. It's about 7 miles each way, by cycle path off road, and we'll be cycling at a leisurely pace.

BY CAR from Lancaster: From Lancaster city centre take the A589 towards Morecambe, at the second roundabout turn off onto the A683. Keep on the A683 through White Lund Estate until you reach the 3rd roundabout. Carry on straight ahead onto Rothesay Road and take a left at Money Close Lane. The nature reserve reached by the first road to your right off Money Close Lane.

BY BUS: Buses 2A, 4 and 5 from Lancaster and Morcambe stop near the roundabout between the A683 and Rothesay Road, from where it is a 5 minute walk to the site..

BY RAIL: Heysham Harbour railway station is located in the dock area. Walk back toward the town along Princess Alexandra Way and turn right at Money Close Lane.

If you'd like any more information or would like to offer help either on the day or before please get in touch:



Please note change of venue:
Friday, 9th March, 8pm The Gregson Centre, Moor Lane, Lancaster
Donations welcome

Watch 2 minute trailer here:

Every day, the world over, large amounts of high-level radioactive waste created by nuclear power plants is placed in interim storage, which is vulnerable to natural and man-made disasters, and societal
changes. In Finland, the world's first permanent repository is being hewn out of solid rock a huge system of underground tunnels that must last the entire period the waste remains dangerous: 100,000
years. Once the facility is full it is to be sealed off and never opened again. Or so we hope, but can we ensure that? And how is it possible to warn our descendants of the deadly waste we left behind?
How do we prevent them from thinking they have found the Giza pyramids of our time, mystical burial grounds, hidden treasures? This film follows experts in their quest to find solutions to this crucially
important radioactive waste issue to protect humans and all other species now and in the very distant future.



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