Dodgy Relationships- Nuclear Intimacy

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Dodgy relationships bought with millions of pounds of taxpayers money and promoting the nuclear agenda grow more blatent day by day.  The nuclear corruption of Cumbria's decision makers could of course be a horrid series of coincidences that remain unchallenged and unreported on, it is surely too blatent to be a conspiracy?  


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Lord Clark non executive director of Sellafield is on a salary 'not in the public domain' he is also chair of the Lake District National Park Partnership. Lake District National Park meetings chaired by Lord Clark reveal a bias as he talks up the safety and economic importance of Sellafield and new nuclear developments while playing down the risks.  

Under his chairmanship the LDNPA SUPPORTS dangerous new build (9 new reactors) at Sellafield and is going merrily along on  'steps towards geological disposal' of high level nuclear waste under Cumbria. As well as Lord Clark's salary as a non executive director of Sellafield, the LDNPA itself is in reciept of money from Managing Radioactive Wastes Safely (MRWS). Government has drastically cut the LDNPA's budget and is now filtering taxpayers money to the Lake District National Park from MRWS ( a government quango set up to promote a geological dump in Cumbria).

Everyone has their price?

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Cumbria Tourism Eric Robson  - good old Uncle Eric, the countryman that everyone loves is the Chair of Cumbria Tourism and part owner of Osprey Communications the PR Team given the government contract to push the nuclear dump (Eric is featured in the book 'When the Water Flows' as 'the voice.'  Free to view here:  t


Made in Cumbria and the Chamber of Commerce now funded by the arms and nuclear industry


Don't forget the slush fund....


More on Lord Clark



The Bishop of Carlisle (i.e. Cumbria) was making pronuclear pronouncements supporting new build and geological dump - even before his enthronement at Carlisle Cathedral.


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