Cleaners on Tyne & Wear Metro Fight Back

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The RMT asked for the motion below to be discussed at the Northern TUC on 21 January and it was passed unanimously.

"The Northern TUC notes that Churchill Contract Services provide cleaning on the Tyne & Wear Metro via DB Regio, the operator of the system.


Northern TUC further notes that these cleaners live in the Tyne & Wear areas and are paid the minimum wage for doing a vital job in ensuring the metro system is clean and tidy whether it's the trains or the stations.


The Northern TUC also recognises that the cleaners provide a presence on many of the stations and are often the only interface there is with passengers.


The Northern TUC is therefore appalled to learn that unlike other workers employed on the Metro these cleaners do not receive free travel on the Metro system that they work so hard to keep clean and tidy.


In any circumstances it would be a matter of concern for one group of workers to be treated so unfairly but the fact that this is happening to a group of low paid workers on a publicly funded transport system accountable to the Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority is appalling.


The Northern TUC agrees to support the campaign of Churchill cleaners to receive free travel facilities by,


· Writing to the Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority

· Lobbying MPs in the region

· Responding positively to future request for support for affiliates in pursuance of the campaign."