SRCL Blockaded & Co-Op Contract Lost

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  Activists across the UK yesterday took part in the National Day of Action Against
SRCL, a company which collects and incinerates beagle dogs killed at Harlan

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The company’s Leeds Incinerator at Cross Green is used to dispose of the
carcases of beagles. Yesterday morning, an independent group of campaigners locked
together with arm tubes in the only road leading into the facility. For almost
three hours the site was closed down. Media from across the county attended,
with news bullet-ins covering the action all evening.

Four arrests have been made with campaigners currently being held in police
stations across Leeds on charges of Aggravated Trespass.

Meanwhile, a loud and determined demonstration was by a separate group of
campaigners at SRCL’s UKHQ in Hunslet, Leeds.

- Co-Op Cut SRCL Contract -

The Co-Operative Group held a national contract with SRCL to conduct waste
disposal from their branches across the country.

Following complaints from customers, the company have this afternoon reviewed
their ethical policy on animal research and announced that SRCL have lost the

A campaign update and new client will be released in the coming days from NAVA.


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