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Opportunity for Cumbrians to Mark Chernobyl Day

and instead of saying Never Again?  say Never Again!



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On 26th April 2011 , 25 years on from Chernobyl, Radiation Free Lakeland

will lay three crosses outside Carlisle Cathedral.


Windscale-Never Again?  Chernobyl-Never Again?  Fukushima-Never Again?


A letter will be delivered to the pro-nuclear Bishop of Carlisle - Bishop

James Newcome.


The letter will outline the madness of "geological disposal" in Cumbria,

which is being promoted in order to push ahead with new build.


The Bishop will be respectfully asked to change with the times and leave

nuclear behind!


Following delivery of the letter, Radiation Free Lakeland will be in

Carlisle town centre with a petition - No Nuke Dump!


26th April - Meet outside Carlisle Cathedral at 11am


Contact : Marianne Birkby

Radiation Free Lakeland

015395 63671


More : The No Nuke Dump petition can also be signed online - or more

petition forms can be found at:






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