Tesco announces: "Bring it back!"

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Always keen to improve our image, Tesco have offered to help the residents of Leeds by providing domestic waste disposal facilities at all of our stores. Details are contained in the attached press release. For this scheme to work, it's essential that everyone who gets this message forwards it to everyone they know in the Leeds area.

Together we can beat the Rubbish Crisis!

Dusty McRaker
Operations director, Tesco Yorkshire


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                        PRESS RELEASE Wednesday 9 September 2009
         Tesco announces "Bring It Back" scheme to ease Leeds' Rubbish Crisis

Here at Tesco we love to say, "Bring It Back!" whether we're talking about The Beatles recordings being re-released and back on our shelves, our customers bringing back their empties to our bottle-banks or even on the rare occasions that you're not satisfied with your purchase - you Bring It Back and we won't quibble.

We're proud of our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and we're happy to be a part of the communities where we do business. That's why, starting from Thursday 10 September 2009, all Tesco stores in the Leeds area will be responding to the needs of the local community by providing extra rubbish collection facilities in the car parks at all our shops and supermarkets, including Tesco Metro, Tesco Express and Tesco Extra sites.

This is our way of saying "Thank You" to all of our shoppers. We were saddened when we heard that Leeds City Council's refuse collection services were being stopped this week due to irresponsible strike action. Here at Tesco, all of our stores receive deliveries in huge trucks that drive away empty, so we though, "Why not collect up some of our communities' rubbish to fill them up again?"

With this simple gesture, we are happy to take responsibility for our contribution towards the huge problem of urban waste management. As you might have heard, we package our goods so carefully that for every carrier bag that our customers carry away, 37% of the contents are literally rubbish. For years our communities have had to deal with this waste material without our help, but now it's time to redress the balance. So here's what we want you to do...

  • Pass this message on to your friends and colleagues at work, either by forwarding it as an email or printing it out - we'll need to help each other through this Rubbish Crisis
  • Put all of your rubbish into black bags (you can buy them at Tesco)
  • Bring your rubbish to your nearest Tesco in the Leeds area
  • Because this is an emergency response to the Rubbish Crisis, we haven't got any fancy signs for the rubbish collection points. So just put all your black bags right outside the main entrance to the store, and our trucks will pick it up from there
  • If you or any of our staff have any questions about the "Bring It Back" scheme, please call the numbers below for more information.

For all queries please contact our customer relations team on 0113 249 7457, 0113 248 7983 or 0113 203 8462 quoting press release reference number 09/01995/FU

Every little helps!

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Report PDF to circulate round to everyone you know in Leeds


strike-breaking via Indymedia?

So, not only is Tesco attempting to undercut strike action, they are also using Indymedia to do it? Un-fucking-believable.

Read carefully - Why you should visit Tesco

We are committed to taking back waste, due to the bin crisis in Leeds. So we will take all rubbish, so long as it is put in a black refuse sack and left at our front door. If any of our staff say otherwise, please print out a copy of the press release and take it with you.

Sue Cleaner
Tesco's Customer Services
Baird Avenue

Support the Bin Strike

Since when has Tesco given a shit about the workers? Colonising supermarkets across the world!

The rubbish needs to be left out to remind the Lib Dem / Tory alliance that it's their fault this is happening.

Tesco out of indymedia!


Still - feel free to dump rubbish on Tesco

Bloody Funny

Loved the Tesco ad, some people obviously taken in by it, including a mate of mine working at a rival oversized grocers. Nice one!