Animal rights Gathering: Mobile Demos

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As part of the animal rights spring gathering mobile demonstrations against the vivisection industry took place.


Twenty activists set out on a mobile demo to hit the vivisection industry and put pressure on those involved.

Beagle breeder Harlan in Belton, Leicestershire, was first up and we arrived in time to catch the Saturday staff out of work. As activists were running round the perimeter fence, others were at the gate letting the vivisection breeders know we will never give in.

As labs in the East Midlands went into lockdown, we headed to Cheshire to AstraZeneca's vivisection laboratories in Alderley Edge. Activists split up and headed in different directions around the site.

One group got into the AstraZeneca Sports Club, where workers of the company were trying to spend their weekend away from the laboratory suffering they cause. Megaphones were out and managers failed at claiming the club wasn't part of AZ, despite admitting it was when they didn't realise who we were - doh!

Another group headed straight in through the front gate and ran around the site, with security guards looking confused at how to handle the situation. Vivisectors tried leaving, but were diverted because of the angry protest still at the main gate. After a while, we headed on.

We headed the short distance up the road to Manchester Airport, where many thousands of laboratory animals are imported into the UK each year. As police and airport security followed one vehicle, another two headed to the World Freight Terminal where Air France-KLM are based. As ten security and police vehicles came into the area, they didn't know how to handle the situation so protesters split up and gave them the run-around, letting everyone know about AF-KLM's record of animal abuse.

To finish the day it was back to AstraZeneca at Alderley Edge. You'd have thought they'd have learnt their lesson, but activists still managed to get back in and to the laboratory's beagle unit at the back of the site. Cages could be seen and these poor animals could be heard in their confinement.


Late in the evening, activists hit the University of Bradford with a late night protest catching them out by surprise.

Security staff cottoned on when activists went into the main foyer and begun shouting "Close Down the Animal Labs". Following this, they were then given a run around.

Until all are free...


then the next day


Fifteen activists headed to the University of Bradford because of their continued use of animals in laboratory experiments.

Splitting up around the campus, security staff were caught by surprise. Groups of activists headed into buildings, with some heading into the lifts whilst others went straight to the chancellor's office, another group going to the animal laboratories.


Animals in laboratories never get a minute away from their torment and abuse, so activists headed out at midnight to hold a mobile protest in Yorkshire.

First of all we headed to Covance Laboratories in Harrogate. Not only does this site systematically poison animals to death, but they own the controlling stake in Mauritian primate traders Noveprim. As guards were conducting their outside patrols, a group of activists ran straight past them. As they tried to close the gates, people just rolled under them and ran around inside the laboratory. After a while of causing a security alert, activists headed on.

Covance own a Clinical Research Unit in Leeds, so aptly we headed there. As we arrived staff decided to start being aggresive and tried hitting doors into protesters. They then proceeded to then follow activists, being given a good two mile run around the city!

Day or night we will be there fighting for the animals used in vivisection.
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