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Harriet & Fatima, two cocoa farmers from Kuapa Kokoo co-operative[1] in the Western region of Ghana talk about their visit to the UK representing their organisation in connection with Fair Trade Fortnight[2] and also their attendance at International Women's Day [3].

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The audio is a bit rough and the video got eaten by the computer, but picture a cloudy, rain spattered, and somewhat chilly day in a grim Northern Town, in the presence of two workers who until a day or two had never been on an aeroplane, an escalator, nor even seen a Dalek[4], and you'll have the basic idea.

Topics covered include organisation of their workers' co-operative - the 64 000 farmers organised into 1300 societies, the structure of each of those societies and the national executive (including gender representation), the uses to which the fair trade premium obtained for their produce is used (construction projects - schools, boreholes, evening classes, machinery, research and development, training for farmers.. )

Finally - because we know some of you will be wondering - we put the tough question and enquires whether, as is said in some circles, all this Fair Trade lark is just a "sticking plaster" on the gaping wound of Capitalism.

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[1] Kuapa Kookoo -
[2] International Women's Day -
[3] Fair Trade Fortnight -
[4] Harriet, Fatima & Dalek (Flickr) -

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